How do I apply for the Health Assistance Program?


  1. View the HAP Sliding Fee Scale.
  2. Complete the HAP application.
  3. Fill it out and send/bring it in with proof of income.

Proof of income can be the first page of your most recent income tax statement - we use the Adjusted Gross Income at the bottom right of the page. Or you can use your last three pay stubs, your last three bank statements, or your annual Social Security Statement.

* Your HAP enrollment covers all family members in your household for one year from the application date and must be renewed annually.


What does HAP assist you with?


  • Reduced Medical Fees at Sweet Medical Center

Qualifications apply - see below.
  • Dental Assistance

First, you make an appointment with one of our healthcare providers. If the provider feels you need dental care, we will pay up to $250 per patient per year for exams, cleanings, fillings, and extractions. You will make all of your arrangements through our case manager, and she will work with you to find just the right dentist for you. You will have to pay a $15 co-pay for each dental visit.

  • Pharmacy Assistance

We have a contract with the Chinook Pharmacy that provides discount drug prices to all of our patients. We can also provide you with vouchers to help offset the cost of drugs. If you are on a long-term medication, please meet with our case manager. She will work with you to try to find a Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Program to provide you with your medications at a greatly reduced cost.

  • Mental Health Assistance

If our provider refers you to a mental health specialist for counseling, we will help you pay for those visits. Our case manager will work with you to make arrangements. You must pay a $15 co-pay for each mental health visit.

  • Transportation Assistance

If you need help paying for travel over 15 miles to get to your appointment with us or to providers that we have referred you to, please see our Case Manager. She can provide you with a voucher to help with the cost of gas at several stations in Havre, Chinook, Harlem, and Malta.


What is the Health Assistance Program (HAP)?


Sweet Medical Center offers the Health Assistance Program or (HAP) to individuals who have a total household income that is less than 200% of the current poverty level.


How do I obtain my medical records?


If you need us to send your records to another provider, you may print this Release of Information Form, fill it in and mail/fax it to us.