Sweet Medical Center Facilitates Appointments With Medical Specialists

CHINOOK, MT. August 24, 2017 – Sweet Medical Center (SMC) is a partner in the Benefis Realizing Education And Community Health (REACH) Telehealth Network. This network consists of 14 hospitals and clinics across Central and Northcentral Montana. From the hub site at Benefis Health System in Great Falls, REACH connects with facilities throughout the state and across the United States through a secured network, eliminating the challenge of distance, while facilitating productive medical consultations and educational seminars.

A variety of providers participate in the network, including specialists in Cardiology, Diabetic Education, Dietician, Speech Therapy, Endocrinology, Oncology, Pediatric Endocrinology, Pediatric Gastronenterology, Pediatric Neurology and Pediatric Mental Health.

According to Dr. Joseph Nemes, “we’ve been offering Telehealth service for years, but have found that many local residents still don’t know it’s available.” Dr. Nemes goes on to explain that with the help of an SMC nurse, “meeting with a doctor over the high quality video service is almost as good as being there in person, plus it saves a lot of time and expense because patients don’t have to travel.”

To see if Telehealth is an option for your medical need, patients can contact the provider and ask to schedule a Telehealth visit at the Sweet Medical Center site. If you have not been seen at SMC in the past year, an appointment will be required prior to the Telehealth visit.

More information can be found at SweetMedicalCenter.org/telehealth or by calling 357-2294.

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